REVIEW: Does the Aveeno Face Moisturizer Really Give Positively Radiant Skin?

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Positively Radiant Daily Face Moisturizer
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Moisturizers that double up as sunscreen are a match made in heaven! Your skin gets the hydration and moisturization it needs while avoiding sunburns and dark spots. That’s exactly why people prefer moisturizers that come with SPF protection. 

One such moisturizer that is quite popular thanks to its lightweight texture and affordability is the Aveeno Positively Radiant Sheer Daily Face Moisturizer with SPF. This moisturizer claims to hydrate and protect the skin while helping fade dark spots over time. Thanks to its budget-friendly price point and claims of revealing radiant skin, this moisturizer is a popular choice. It’s also considered one of the top picks for the best moisturizer for combination skin.

But before you go ahead and buy this Aveeno Face Moisturizer, we decided to review it for you and check all the facts made by the brand. So, here is the complete detail about the product, the brand, price point, and its reviews.

The Aveeno Skincare Brand

Aveeno is an American skincare brand that believes in the power of choosing select natural ingredients and combining them with science and research to deliver products that show results. Their aim is to deliver a blend of nature and science that can transform your skincare routine.

The brand is known for formulating products that meet sensitive skin requirements. They have several products that are perfect for dry, itchy, and eczematous skin. Sensitive skincare can be tricky and when brands focus on making products that meet the requirements of these skin types, it is just amazing and less of a hassle for people suffering from sensitive skin.

Another good thing about the brand is that it believes in sustainability and uses a patented GAIA™ process to produce formulations for its face washes and cleansers that minimize the impact on marine life.

Overall, Aveeno provides targeted skincare products for a diverse community.

Aveeno Face Moisturizer: Feel, Texture, and Application

The texture of Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer is thick but it feels extremely light against the skin. It feels more like sunscreen than a moisturizer, however, once you spread it out evenly you will instantly feel your skin hydrated.

Make sure to use a generous amount as instructed by the brand and once you spread this white lotion, it will give you a matte finish without any residue. The Aveeno moisturizer makes the perfect base for your makeup and is best for oily to combination-type skin.

For more moisturizer options for the combination skin type, you can also check out our lists for the best Korean moisturizer for combination skin and the best tinted moisturizers for combination skin.

Key Ingredients in Aveeno Face Moisturizer

Aveeno is known for making products using natural ingredients but backed by science and this face moisturizer is no different. 

The key and natural ingredient in this one is soy extracts. Soy has quickly become a popular ingredient in a range of skincare and makeup products thanks to its collagen-boosting properties. The soy extracts help to correct skin tone and brighten it naturally.

Another key ingredient that helps to achieve that radiance naturally is natural light diffusers. These are mineral ingredients that are known to deflect the light away from fine lines and wrinkles to visibly reduce signs of aging.
The third key ingredient is obviously SPF 15 because it is a moisturizer with sunscreen. But the SPF 15 comes from chemical ingredients like octisalate, oxybenzone, and avobenzone.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer Reviews

What Beauty Bloggers and Beauty Magazines Say

Here is a summary of what the industry experts are saying about the Aveeno Face Moisturizer to help you make an informed decision.

Donecia Pea, Byrdie

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Credits: Donecia Pea, Byrdie

It can be hard to find a moisturizer that makes my skin feel balanced and hydrated, but Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Moisturizer did just that. The lightweight, SPF-infused formula neutralizes both oily shine and dry patches, resulting in a matte, nourished finish that works well under makeup.

Donecia Pea of Byrdie feels that the Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer definitely hydrated her skin without leaving it shiny and that makes it a great choice. Plus, the price point is also something that makes this budget-friendly moisturizer a great addition to your skincare routine. However, the only issue is the chemical ingredients used in the product and the fact that it does help with signs of aging. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly moisturizer that gives you basic sun protection, then go for it!

Erin Mayer, Insider

There are a few things I’ve loved since I was 15-years-old: the band Bright Eyes, my high school best friend, and Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer. This is the first skin-care product I used daily and I only stopped buying it quite so religiously when it became my job to test newer launches. But it’s still the one I return to most often.
I’ve always had sensitive skin, and this is one of the least irritating and most comfortable SPFs I’ve ever used. It’s made with SPF 30 and Aveeno’s skin-soothing Active Naturals Total Soy Complex, plus light-diffusing mica particles that add radiance to the skin.

Erin Mayer of Insider considers the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer the best moisturizer overall thanks to its hydrating and soothing properties. For her, the soy extracts and natural diffusers that add radiance to the skin while keeping it hydrated and protected from the sun are what make this one a go-to choice every time!

Danielle Emig, Stylecaster

Aveeno’s moisturizer is a great drugstore find that will keep your skin hydrated and is affordable too. It reflects light so your skin will be radiant even during the dullest of days plus the SPF will protect your skin.

Meanwhile, Danielle of Stylecaster believes that budget-friendly skincare products are a lifesaver and the Aveeno face moisturizer is one that definitely falls under this category. She feels it hydrates the skin and keeps it glowing even on the dullest of days.

What the Internet Is Saying

For a more honest and comprehensive review, we’ve scoured the internet to learn what people have to say regarding the Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer with SPF. Here’s what we’ve found on Reddit and Twitter.

  • 90% of people love the product and find it hydrating and effective
  • 20% of people find it slightly greasy but effective
  • 75% say that it is the best moisturizer within budget
  • 80% say it works well as a moisturizer but you would want to use another sunscreen for better protection
  • 2% of people had breakouts and feel that the product is too greasy and not that great

Conclusion: Aveeno Face Moisturizer

While there are tons of moisturizers out there, only a few fall under the budget-friendly category. As such, when you’re looking for the best face moisturizer, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Face Moisturizer should be on your list for consideration. Because, if you are looking for a moisturizer that provides your face the much-needed hydration but with basic sun protection, then this is the one for you!

Great Product at a Good Price
For it's price point, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Face Moisturizer is a brilliant find. Recognized as one of the best drugstore moisturizers out there, we can see why it's the favorite of many.
Widely available at drugstores
Does its job of moisturizing your skin
Some allergic reactions experienced

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