Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Face Moisturizer with SPF

woman using best face moisturizer with spf
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The majority of us are aware that moisturizer is an important component of everyday skin care. Moisturizers help us look our best by balancing our skin, and selecting the appropriate formulation for yourself can make a big difference. A good face moisturizer is essential for smoothing fine wrinkles, combating acne, and evening skin tone, so it’s understandable that people are always looking for the best face moisturizer.

But did you know that sunscreen is important too? Yes, sunscreen is important and you need to be wearing it everyday, no matter the weather and whether you’re spending your day inside or outdoors. But this doesn’t mean that you should be wearing it at night as well… SPF should not be used at night since it can dry out the skin or clog the pores. 

Dr. Tiffany Libby, a board-certified dermatologist, says that wearing sunscreen every day is the best thing we can do for our skin. “The sun’s UV rays cause up to 90% of indicators of photoaging, such as brown spots and wrinkles, and SPF helps protect our skin from this UV damage, which can potentially cause more serious problems like skin cancer.” she continued. 

We know, remembering to apply sunscreen on days when you aren’t lounging by the pool or going for a run might be tough. That’s why you should consider moisturizers with SPF! Of course, it’s better to use a separate sunscreen and moisturizer, but using a moisturizer with SPF is better than no SPF at all. So, we would like to share with you, our top 10 picks for the best face moisturizer with SPF.

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Face Moisturizer with SPF

1. Overall Best Face Moisturizer with SPF

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

This best-selling face sunscreen is at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list for a reason: it not only protects against UVA and UVB rays, but it also has a high concentration of niacinamide, which helps keep skin bright while also boosting collagen and offering anti-inflammatory properties. It’s one of the best face moisturizer with SPF because it also works on all skin tones without a white tint, according to reviewers.

2. Best Value

Neutrogena Oil-Free Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 35

Neutrogena’s daily moisturizer is ideal for all skin types, especially if you’re scared that your sunscreen will be too oily. The oil-free, glycerin-rich classic lotion is proven to feel light on the skin and won’t irritate the skin. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy on the skin, and it’s also hypoallergenic, according to customers.

3. Best Drugstore Find

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30

Believe it or not, a good SPF moisturizer can be found at the drugstore, and this is one of the best. This drugstore gem not only includes high-quality ingredients like moisture-locking hyaluronic acid and brightening niacinamide, but it’s also created by a dermatologist-recommended brand. This lotion, according to reviewers, is a wonderful budget alternative for sensitive and oily skin.

4. Best Moisturizer with SPF for Sensitive Skin

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream

Because of its aloe-heavy formulation, this face moisturizer is beneficial for those with sensitive skin, but it also has the highest UVA protection grade (PA++++), so it offers anti-aging properties as well. This moisturizer is said to be non-irritating and non-greasy by users. 

5. Best Moisturizer with SPF for Dry Skin

Supergoop! Superscreen Daily Moisturizer SPF 40

This product is a great choice if you have dry skin because it contains glycerin, which is a humectant that draws water to the skin and keeps it there. Despite this, it has a nice whipped and bouncy texture that is never oily. A unique antioxidant blend (containing blue-green algae and safflower extract, to name a few) is also worth mentioning. They are designed to provide protection not only from the sun and pollution, but also from the blue light emitted by electronic devices.

6. Best Moisturizer with SPF for Oily Skin

Glo Skin Beauty Oil Free SPF 40+

This oil-free, non-greasy face lotion has SPF protection and isn’t known to promote breakouts. It won’t get stuck in facial hair, according to reviewers, making it a wonderful lotion for guys with oily skin as well. However, note that it might be irritating for those with sensitive skin.

7. Best Moisturizer with SPF for Combination Skin

Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF 50

When you have combination skin, finding the correct moisturizer can be quite stressful—some are too hydrating, while others aren’t. This formula, fortunately, achieves the best balance. The water-light texture leaves a matte finish while still providing enough moisture to keep dry spots at bay. The SPF 50 is a great feature (as well as the abundance of antioxidants and skin-soothing chamomile extract), which is higher than what you’ll find in many other moisturizers with SPF.

8. Best Tinted Option

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30

This product is a fan favorite because it’s the number one bestselling facial tinted moisturizer on Amazon. The Skin Cancer Foundation also recommends it, calling it an effective broad-spectrum sunscreen. According to reviewers, the covering lasts all day and is buildable to meet your specific coverage.

Find out what we found in our review of the Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturizer or get to know more of your options when it comes to the best tinted moisturizers with SPF.

9. Best Anti-Aging

ROC Multi-Correxion 5-in-1 Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

This mild Roc cream was a GH Beauty Lab test winner for smoothing wrinkles and improving skin texture. The nongreasy product enhanced skin texture by 11% in four weeks, according to lab digital imaging, and it also ranked highly for wrinkle reduction and firming. “It left my skin feeling plump and appearing smooth and bright,” and “improved the fine wrinkles around my eyes.” two testers said.

10. Best Moisturizer with SPF for Dark Skin Tones

AbsoluteJOI Daily Hydrating Moisturizing Cream with Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40

This thick and creamy cream is packed with moisturizing squalane and hyaluronic acid, making it feel more like a luxurious moisturizer than anything else. The mineral-based broad-spectrum sun protection is an added bonus. It’s also notable as it’s one of the few tinted sunscreen/moisturizers with SPF that’s specifically designed for dark skin tones. It’s available in two dark colors, none of which will leave any ashy-ness or white cast behind.

How to choose the best face moisturizer with SPF?

It is important to choose a sunscreen that you like, as in the smell, texture, and how it feels on your skin because you will be the one wearing it consistently. Here are some tips on how to choose which product you need according to skin type and concern:

  • If you have sensitive skin, look for SPF moisturizers that are free of fragrance, because fragrance might cause sensitivity. Mineral sunscreen components like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, according to some, are also less irritating.
  • If you have dry skin, seek compounds like ceramides and squalane, which will hydrate and promote skin barrier function. If you have dry or very dry skin, keep in mind that you may need to apply an additional moisturizer in the morning to get the most hydration.
  • If you have oily skin or acne-prone skin, search for a non-greasy composition that contains oil-absorbing agents and has a matte finish. You can also look for acne-specific products that are noncomedogenic, which means they won’t clog pores.

Because sunscreen should be an important part of your daily skin care routine, having a facial moisturizer with SPF in it (and one that’s suited to your individual skin needs) can help you get more done in less time. You’ll be sure to obtain your UV protection on a regular basis in this manner, keeping your skin nourished and healthy.