Glossier’s Futuredew – The Key to a Dewy and Radiant Skin

Image credit: Jenny Wu / Geekposh
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Glossier’s latest addition to their growing product lineup, Futuredew, is an oil-serum hybrid that holds the all-in-one recipe to achieve a dewy and glowing effect in just a single bottle with the aim of keeping your skin glossier throughout the day. 

The launch of Futuredew is a comeback for the brand to position itself back to its roots and core philosophy of “Skin first. Makeup second.”

During a press event, Kathy Pazakis, Glossier’s vice president of product marketing and development said, “We love skin care… but the pendulum is definitely shifting away from more makeup to much more skin care; skin care is growing and makeup is slowing down; everyone is starting to play in this glow-y, dewy skin space,”.

“For us it’s a moment to reaffirm that Glossier is the place that you come for glow-y, dewy skin, and that we can create something that other brands haven’t been able to do. We can now get that glow to last all day through skin care, not makeup,” she continued.

With skin minimalism and hybrid beauty in trend, most makeup brands are incorporating skin-care ingredients into their products. While Glossier offers a full lineup of no-makeup cosmetics, most of its existing skin-care products were already formulated to allow a more lasting makeup. 

This new creation swings more towards the makeup side of the skin-care-makeup pendulum. It’s like a moisturizing highlighter, but without the shimmer.

What is the Serum Made of?

Image Credit: Jenny Wu / Geekyposh

Futuredew is a bottle made up of effective active ingredients such as Evodia rutaecarpa extract, a fruit extract with brightening properties and sugarcane squalane, which is a lightweight and non-comedogenic oil catered for sensitive skin along with a mix of jojoba, grape seed, evening Primrose, and rosehip oils, that has protective properties. For dry skin types, ingredients like olive, jojoba, and castor will help your skin replenish its moisture level. 

What is the Trick to Applying This Serum?

After washing your face, apply two pumps all over. You may wear it on its own or apply your everyday makeup over. You can easily incorporate the serum into any of your skincare routine or it can act as a primer base to your makeup.

The directions on the packaging suggest that users may “add more to the high points of the face for extra glow,” which creates a faint glow effect due to the presence of reflective mica particles found in Futuredew. As you massage the pale, pinkish-beige tint into your skin, the serum will melt into a light, balm-like oil and turn translucent, giving your complexion a sheer luminescence that can last all day long.