Should You Choose Natural and Organic Vitamin C Serum?

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When we talk about being healthy, we always talk about our balanced diets and exercises. These are all important, but did you ever think about the products you use on your bodies? Like, our skincare products!

It’s vital to think about our health by considering what we put on our skins, and this should not end with what we eat. Our skin is the largest organ of our body that absorbs 60% of everything you put on it. Yes, 60%

So, with an average person using about ten (10) different beauty and skin products daily, they unknowingly expose themselves to a wide variety of chemicals. And, these chemicals eventually make their way into our bloodstream. How exactly is your skin safe from the products you use?

Well then, taking care of your skin is essential. It is also one of the indicators that tell us how healthy we are! So, you should wisely choose our skincare products by taking fair consideration for their impact on our skin and nature.

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And, when we talk about skincare products, the first thing that often comes into mind is Vitamin C serums. Using these serums would give your skin that radiating, healthy, glowing look depending on your skin type and skincare concerns. The benefits that Vitamin C serums offer to your skin are legendary.

Would it be better to give your skin the safest, natural, and organic ingredients with just Vitamin C serums?

Here is a list of 5 reasons you should choose natural and organic Vitamin C Serums now!

Less Exposure to Chemicals

Like I mentioned before, our skin is absorbent. It absorbs almost everything like the substances in our moisturizers, cleansers, toners, serums we put on it.

Chemical toxins in skincare products are dangerous and destructive, but natural products derived from floral and plant extracts help nurture and protect our skin. And non-organic products contain toxins such as sodium laurel, mineral oils, and Laureth sulfate that can damage and irritate our skin. 

Moreover, sensitive skin is easily irritated, and skin products containing chemicals and other unusual components, such as Benzoyl Peroxide (used to treat acne), can leave your skin feeling dry, red, and itchy. Would you want that to happen to your skin?

So, instead of using non-organic products, it’s better to use natural and organic products. Such products use naturally obtained elements like zinc oxide and lavender extract that are phenomenal in making your skin look smooth and nourished.

Natural and organic products give you less exposure to chemicals as they are highly effective for their gentleness on the skin. So, why not choose just pure organic products comprised entirely of natural and nontoxic substances instead of non-organic ones?

Better for the Planet 

When it’s for the benefit of our mother earth, the natural part of products is not enough. There should always be the word organic. So, it’s significantly better to use natural and organic products. Why?

Well, organic skincare products start with organic components that are farmed and processed in eco-friendly ways. There is considerably less garbage and toxins going down the drain that goes back into the ground. But, it’s not just the earth that’s threatened when you use non-organic products. You also harm our life’s number one provider, the water cycle!

The water vaporizes in the sky and falls as rain on the ground. Chemical toxins from dumped non-organic products go down the drain to our aquatic zones. So, when water evaporates, those toxins are also evaporated, and then there’s rain with toxins.

Not just the chemicals, but we should also consider the packagings of the products when it comes to taking care of our planet. Companies continue to use plastics (which are non-biodegradable) that are harmful to the earth, as it ends up in landfills and the bellies of helpless animals. You should also consider buying organic skincare products that have eco-friendly packagings!

So, when you start to use organic beauty products, you’re not only helping your skin and inner wellness, but you’re also helping the earth!

It’s Non-Allergenic

It’s difficult for those with sensitive skin to find skincare products that won’t irritate or trigger allergic reactions. Even those with regular skin sometimes have allergic reactions when using chemical-based skincare products. And, there’s one solution for that: buy natural and organic skincare products!

There are no dangerous chemicals in natural and organic skincare products. These are less prone to cause allergic reactions, inflammations, or irritations because they don’t include harsh chemicals. 

But, if you are allergic to natural substances like strawberries or peanuts, you may experience an allergic reaction. These allergic reactions are easy to identify, so don’t worry about it!

It’s Cruelty-Free

Animal cruelty (like testing chemical products on them) has always been part of the beauty and skincare industry. There’s even a short film that showed the suffering of rabbit testers as a global campaign to outlaw cosmetic animal testing once and for all. Also, some studies explain that rabbits testers are becoming blind the more often they’re used for chemical testing. 

Animal testing is both cruel and pointless. Most natural skincare brands are cruelty-free since natural products have been used for millennia and are harmless on our skin. So, you’re not only helping the environment but also our animal pals. It is wise to make sure that you look through each product before buying and see if they are truly cruelty-free. Let’s save the animals by using natural and organic products!

It Stood the Test of Time

Since before, people have always used natural and organic substances. They used to use those products instead of the chemical-based ones we have today. Okay, so how can I say that natural and organic products stood the test of time?

Ancient Egyptians used milk and honey in face masks and castor oil to fight wrinkles! And, there are many testimonials about its benefits and that they are safe for use.

Likewise, most of the substances in current skincare products have been used for years and stem from traditional medicines that have a reputation for giving remarkable skin benefits.

And, there is no better test than time, and these chemicals have proven their usefulness by demonstrating that they have no adverse effects, ensuring healthy and attractive skin!

Why Choose Natural and Organic Vitamin C Serums?

When you search for Vitamin C, there is greater power besides being an antioxidant property. Well, Vitamin C is the main ingredient of organic and natural Vitamin C serums. Our skin absorbs the most common form of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with ease and is even better when combined with other botanicals and plant-derived ingredients.

So, Vitamin C works best with other elements taken from the ground because it is a naturally derived substance. And Vitamin C serums have this particular nutrient!

Final Thoughts

The earth gives us all the skincare we need, if only we know where to look. The natural and organic touch of Vitamin C serum products not only helps our skin and inner bodies. It also lets us give back to the environment and say goodbye forever to animal cruelty.

So, start using natural and organic Vitamin C serum now for that radiant, healthy, glowing skin with a heart of gold for the environment and animals!

Are you choosing to go all-in with natural and organic Vitamin C serum for your skincare regimen? Let us know in the comments below.

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