7 Reasons to Add Retinol Serum in Your Skincare Routine

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So, here’s the deal: retinoids can be problematic. Depending on who you ask, they can either be a skin saver or a skin irritant. But, this doesn’t have to be the reason why you avoid adding retinol serum to your skincare routine as there are more benefits to using retinol serum than there are cons.

Retinol, unlike other popular skincare components like hyaluronic acid, isn’t something you can just slap on and forget about. It takes time and maybe a little trial and error to properly incorporate a retinol into your beauty routine. And, when done correctly (or combined with the right ingredients such as hyaluronic acid with retinol), it can work wonders.

Moreover, many popular skincare compounds come and go, but retinol is one that has lasted the test of time. Dermatologists promote it as one of the most effective topical treatments. Dermatologist and skincare specialist Dr. Ameesha Mahajan described retinol as the ‘holy grail’ substance of skincare as it essentially has a few advantages like collagen formation, acne treatment, acne scar reduction, pore-clearing, and skin lightening.

But, what is retinol serum? Why is it hard to use but beneficial when done correctly?

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What is retinol serum?

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Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that is good for the skin. It is a member of the retinoid family of vitamin A derivatives, which are used to treat a variety of skin disorders depending on their potency. 

While creams like the Drunk Elephant Retinol Cream, can have their appeal, there are some great advantages to using a retinol serum. 

Nonetheless, retinol serums can also present some challenges. They can be a skin saver when used appropriately, but if not used correctly, they might irritate your skin.

What does retinol serum do: Retinol Serum Benefits

With retinol serum being the holy grail substance of skincare, what are the retinol serum benefits? Makes you question why you should add retinol serum into your skincare routine.

Hence, here are 7 reasons why you need to add retinol serum in your skincare routine and make it work wonders on your skin:

1. Fights Signs of Aging

An effective addition to your anti aging skincare routine, retinol serum boosts collagen formation in the dermis, which is the skin’s deeper layer. It also boosts cell turnover, allowing you to get rid of dead skin cells more quickly. Reducing your fine lines and wrinkles makes it powerful to fight your signs of aging.

2. Evens Out Skin Tone

Our skin becomes dull and spotty as we get older. Retinol serum has an exfoliating action as well as a stimulatory effect on skin cell turnover. It helps get rid of dull, dry skin and replace it with skin that is brighter and more evenly toned. And, within a few months of consistent usage of retinol serum, the new skin will be thicker, stronger, and smoother.

3. Clears Acne

Acne can be treated with retinol serum, which works by unclogging the pores. Regular consistent application of retinol serum results in a significant reduction in blackheads, whiteheads, and even cystic acne. So, if you still have unpleasant acne as an adult, adding a  retinol face serum to your skincare routine can help you get rid of cystic acne.

Essentially, retinol serum can be used at any age. Even if you’re in your early twenties, using a retinoid-based medication to treat cystic acne can be beneficial. Aside from that, retinol serum can also increase the effectiveness of other medicinal creams and gels by exfoliating dead skin cells. It permits chemicals in lotions and gels to penetrate deeper into the skin.

4. Improves Skin Texture

Retinol serum is excellent for smoothing out the look of rough skin and restoring a smooth texture. Hence, using retinol serum can help you improve your skin texture into that glowy, smooth, radiant skin.

5. Shrinks Large Pores

Large pores might be the result of oily skin, or they can be the result of years of sun damage. Retinol serum further aids in the reduction of big pores associated with greasy skin and solar elastosis as explained by Dr. Mahajan.

Hence, using retinol serum can help you age gracefully by reducing the size of your pores. Some women have wide pores around their noses, which can be easily treated at night with a retinol serum. When you add retinol serum into your skincare routine to combat the appearance of large pores, you may expect healthy-looking skin!

6. Fades Out Hyperpigmentation

It’s not uncommon for individuals who had acne as an adolescent to develop hyperpigmentation problems later in life. Without the use of retinol serums, acne scars can create pitted scars and dark areas that are difficult to remove.

Retinol serum aids in the lightening of persistent pigmentation spots. It can be used in conjunction with or before depigmenting products to improve penetration and outcomes.

Add retinol serums to your daily skincare routine to gradually fade the dark hyperpigmentation caused by teenage acne. Retinol serums will undoubtedly aid in the treatment of your mature skin’s uneven tone.

7. Exfoliates Skin

Retinol serum is used as a component in chemical peels performed by dermatologists because of its exfoliating qualities. Moreover, many retinol-based lotions can also be used at home for the same reason.

Over time, the quick exfoliation of dead skin cells will make your skin appear much brighter. When you start using retinol in your daily skincare routine, you’ll notice that your skin begins to transform dramatically. Moreover, the new cells that have been lurking beneath your skin will rise to the surface. It’s critical to use your favorite retinol products on a regular basis if you want to see effects in as little as a few weeks!

Understanding the Retinol Serum Benefits

Now that you know what is retinol serum used for, don’t let the difficult handling of retinol serum hinder you from adding this to your skincare routine. With so many retinol serum benefits, it’s time to choose your pick among the countless brands out there.

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So, how will you be adding retinol serum into your skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below!