REYN™ Launches A CBD Serum That Promises To Simplify Your Skincare Routine

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REYN, the first functional skincare brand designed to kickstart the skin’s natural healing and regenerative capabilities, launched today with its hero product, Base Serum. Rather than touting the next ‘it’ ingredient or creating more symptom-focused products, REYN prioritizes simplified routines that support skin of all ages, types and tones to reach homeostasis and thrive.

“We spend a lifetime chasing the perfect skin, layering products sold on the premise that our skin is a problem that needs to be solved, and that buying more products is the remedy,” says Jo Marini, co-founder of REYN. “REYN is challenging this beauty industry convention with what we’re calling functional skincare – products designed to play a supporting role in our body’s ability to do what it does best – heal, balance and thrive. Base Serum is the first molecularly-advanced formula to feature simple, yet powerful ingredients that the body recognizes like its own to deliver immediate results and lifetime benefits.”

REYN is built by a diverse team of women who share a common commitment to innovation, efficacy and purposeful business. The team brings together the skills and experiences of a clinical esthetician, wild-forager, biomedical engineer and nanoscientist, cosmetics formulator and a product strategy designer. Base Serum has been rigorously formulated and tested in 43 trials over the last 3 years.

The results of these trials were equally impressive: 98% of individuals who tried REYN’s Base Serum reported a visible improvement in the tone and texture of their skin within the first three applications. Over 99% of users reported a significant improvement in the foundational health of their skin within two weeks of use.


REYN is unlike any other skincare brand, by design. The startup’s unique end-to-end process has one uncompromising vision: to empower the body to do what it does best — thrive.  The result is a revolutionary approach to skincare made to heal the body’s largest organ from the inside out. 

  • Source – REYN’s vertically integrated formulation process begins in nature, the source of all essential nutrients. The brand works with farmers and wild foragers to harvest the purest and most potent botanicals available each season.
  • Transform – REYN developed a unique low temperature, pressurized extraction method, that when combined with traditional fermentation techniques, transforms and optimizes the profile and potency of each botanical for maximum effect.
  • Craft – Extracts and ferments are combined with plant-based active compounds like ceramides, peptides and hyaluronic acids to craft proprietary formulations that mimic the skin’s built-in mechanisms designed to repair and regenerate. The body recognizes these supportive ingredients, which helps to kickstart its natural healing process.
  • Deliver – REYN then utilizes molecular science, and a proprietary, intelligent delivery system to transport these right-sized active compounds to the layer of the skin where they’ll be most effective.

The result are products that visibly improve the foundational health of your skin within the first few applications.


Designed with therapeutic doses of active ingredients clinically proven to promote both barrier and deep cellular repair, Base Serum is the hero product in a minimal skincare routine.

“The pursuit of perfect skin, sold by way of harsh actives, complicated routines and aggressive exfoliation, causes damage and chronic inflammation,” says Holly Byerly, co-founder of REYN. “As a clinical esthetician, I am constantly educating my clients about the difference between marketing hype and scientifically-validated practices. I designed Base Serum as a solution to this problem – one universal product that hydrates, heals and regenerates for true functional skin health.”

Base Serum’s phytocannabinoid-rich formula contains a triple-marine algae blend, wild harvested and fermented rose hips and a proprietary quercetin antioxidant. Along with ceramides and peptides in a hydrosol base, this formula has shown to reduce inflammation, balance sebum and spark cellular repair and regeneration for vibrant, healthy and resilient skin at every stage in life’s journey.

Base Serum is loved by even the most sensitive skin, and delivers immediate results and lifetime benefits with just one drop per day. All REYN products are essential oil-free, hormone safe and stability tested. REYN is scheduled to release five complimentary products in 2021 for face and body.

REYN designs functional skincare to kickstart the skin’s natural healing and regenerative capabilities, for simplified routines that support skin of all ages, types and tones to reach homeostasis and thrive. Their unique end-to-end process creates molecularly-advanced formulas that the body recognizes like its own to deliver immediate results and lifetime benefits.

REYN is a Social Purpose Corporation and Mother Superior venture. We forward 1% of profit to help the next generation of value-aligned founders launch their own ventures, build wealth and command economic agency. Visit