Should You Wash Your Face in the Morning?

woman washing face for her morning skincare routine
Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels
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One of the most asked questions about beauty usually revolves around skincare routines. We all love watching famous influencers walk us through their daily and nightly skincare regimens, and you get the idea that it’s best to wash your face both in the morning and at night. For some, we think it’s necessary to do so, but we could not help but wonder: should you wash your face in the morning even when you already did the night before?

How often should you wash your face?

Washing usually means you use soap or cleanser (not just makeup wipes!) as part of the cleansing process. Considering this, most people only must wash their face once a day.

According to experts, if you wash your face at night, you don’t need to wash your face again with a cleanser or soap. It’s true that some people may sweat in the middle of the night, and the recommended step for your morning skincare routine is to rinse your face with water: no soaps or cleansers.

But what about those with oily skin?

There are two exceptions to this morning skincare routine recommendation, one of which is if you have oily skin. Your skin sebum may build-up overnight, so it’s best to choose products between water and normal cleansers, such as micellar water. You can use micellar water in the morning before going through your skincare routine.

How about those with dry skin?

The other exception is if you have dry skin. Especially during the harshest seasons of the year such as winter and summer, your skin tends to naturally dry out. And of course, you must do certain steps in your morning skincare routine to avoid further skin irritation. During winter or summer, you can use facial moisturizers, cleansing oils, or balms to add a little moisture back into the skin.

So, should you wash your face in the morning?

The answer is: it depends on your preference. Washing means you need to use soap or a cleanser. Washing is not actually necessary, instead, you can rinse your face with just water. Bacteria can collect in your skin throughout the night, and if that’s the case, you can prep your skin for your morning skincare routine by washing or cleansing. Micellar water and cleansing balms are great for your skin, as well as the exfoliation cleanser of your choice. But of course, at the end of your day, washing your face in the morning, or just rinsing, all depends on you.

But what should be your morning skincare routine if you work out?

Whatever your skin type is, if you work out in the morning, it is essential for you to wash your face immediately after exercise. You may even want to look into the double cleansing method. Your sweat mixes with dirt and bacteria on your skin, and even if you washed your face the night before but your linens are not as fresh and clean, bacteria could live there and transfer onto your skin. Should you wash your face in the morning, then? In this case, yes. Because after a workout or a sweat session, the bacteria can clog your pores and cause breakouts.