A Complete List of Skincare Ingredients to Avoid in 2021

skincare ingredients to avoid
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So, 2021 is already well underway and everyone is hoping to have a great year ahead. Are you ready to take better care of your skin? Part of this is knowing not only the best brands to use but also the skincare ingredients to avoid in your skincare routine.

We’ve heard of silicone in hand creams and why we should avoid alcohol denat. But keep in mind also, that some skincare ingredients are not only harmful to your skin but your overall health. For women who are expecting, it’s also crucial to know which ingredients to avoid in skincare products when pregnant.

Skincare ingredients to avoid

To help you have healthier skin this year, we’ve rounded up our list of skincare ingredients to avoid in your routine. Make sure that you take note of these ingredients to avoid in skincare products:

1. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is one of the skincare ingredients to avoid in your skincare regime in 2021. According to authorities, this ingredient is mostly found in products and is used to control bacterial growth. However, if an individual is exposed to high amounts of this ingredient, they can cause skin irritation, breathing difficulties, asthma, and may even lead to certain cancers with time. 

So, you want to stay healthy or just plain beautiful? Better make the decision today!

2. Phthalates

Often, people don’t recognize how harmful a chemical can be for their skin until they finally see the results. This is true with phthalates which are found in fragrances and other cosmetic products. 

Wondering why they are among the ingredients to avoid in skincare?

Well, not every chemical ingredient will give you cancer because some are equally harmful. Yes, prolonged use of phthalates can cause reproductive problems, congenital disabilities, and hormonal problems as well. It’s better to avoid it in your skincare regime! 

3. Parabens

Parabens are a complete no-no, yet they are still found in a variety of products. Parabens have not only been found to cause breast cancer, but they also cause endocrine disruptions. Such hormonal problems eventually lead to infertility and other imbalances. 

Nowadays, parabens are still used in moisturizers and makeup. They’re also found in lotions, shampoos, and other hair-care products such as mousses and gels, sunless tanning products, and breast-enhancing creams.

While research is still ongoing to conclusively prove the association of parabens to these diseases, it’s best to err on the side of caution. To be on the safe side,  add parabens to your list of skincare ingredients to avoid, and make sure to look for paraben-free items for your skincare routine. 

4. Mineral Oil

Another by-product of petroleum, mineral oil, is highly found in cleansers, SPF, and makeup products. And just like formaldehyde, this product also contains carcinogenic chemicals that can put you at the risk of developing cancer.

It’s definitely one of the most harmful skincare ingredients to avoid in your routine. As such, make sure that you are reading the ingredients label of the products you are using.

5. Coconut Oil

While you may think that it’s all healthy and natural like ginseng, coconut oil is among the ingredients to avoid in skincare because it can cause breakouts.

Coconut oil is comedogenic — that means it easily blocks the pores and causes acne and blackheads. Nonetheless, many people still use this oil as a makeup remover or for skin hydration. But now that you’re better informed, you know that it’s one of the ingredients to avoid in skincare products. 

6. Fragrances

Sweet-smelling skincare products can be such a treat, but did you know that they can do damage to your skin?

Chemically produced fragrances may be pleasing to the nose, but they can cause headaches, dizziness, allergies, skin irritation, cough, hyperactivity, and so much more.

What’s more, some manufacturers don’t even put the list of the ingredients for a particular fragrance on their label — so you’ll never really know what goes behind that sweet smell. For that, it’s on our list of ingredients to avoid in skincare products.

7. Toluene

Hair dyes and nail polishes are filled with this chemical ingredient. As per cosmetic dermatologists, this ingredient can cause congenital disabilities and toxicity of the immune system. When this happens, you not only see its harmful effects on the skin but your health as well. So, why not take the precaution and add toluene among your skincare ingredients to avoid in your routine? Make 2021 a wellness year!

The ingredients to avoid in skincare

Your skin deserves love and care, so why not give it that? 

Skincare ingredients play a huge role in dealing with skin problems. Some chemical ingredients are totally harmful to your skin and health. Don’t fall for the quick results that they might be showing — it may all be because of the high level of chemicals in them.

If you really want to look beautiful and flawless, then your inside should be clean as well. Remember that these chemical ingredients get absorbed in the bloodstream from where the true problem starts. It’s therefore essential to read the label on every product you purchase.

To extend this same principle to your hair care routine, you might also want to read our article about shampoo with DMDM hydantoin.

Ultimately, harsh chemicals might show you quick results, but these ingredients’ long-term side effects are not worth taking the risk.