The Top 10 Best Jade Rollers in the Market 2022

two of the best jade rollers
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After reading about these many jade roller benefits and poring over countless jade roller reviews, you may be wondering where to buy jade roller or you may already be looking for the best jade roller on Amazon. With so many options for a jade facial roller massager in the market, how do you know which one is the best jade roller for you?

Jade Roller Benefits

Used traditionally in skin care for decades, the jade roller’s origins can be traced back to China where jade was regarded for energy-healing properties. Aside from cooling our face and helping distribute skincare products, among the clinically-proven benefits of the jade roller are it helps decrease puffiness, stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation.

Finding the Best Jade Rollers for You

There are tonnes of jade rollers out there, and selecting the right one for you can be pretty overwhelming. But there’s no need to look any further — in this article, we’ve compiled the 10 best jade rollers out there, so you can finally make a choice and start rolling!

1. Best Jade Roller for Beginners: Atahana Jade Roller

One thing that you want to ensure is that you purchase a facial roller that’s made of real jade — while some imitation stones may be able to provide the same aesthetic effects, a real jade roller can deliver cooling benefits and does not cool down quickly after use. Plus, if you’re looking to reap the stone’s energetic effects, you’ll have to make sure you buy a real jade roller.

So if you’re still new to the jade rolling trend, it wouldn’t hurt to pick the Atahana Jade Roller — aside from its visually-pleasing appearance,  it comes with an instructional video and e-book where you can learn how to use this jade roller to perform a lymphatic drainage massage and address concerns like headaches and sinus pressure.

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2. Best Jade Roller for De-puffing: Mount Lai Jade Roller

With its mini size option, this carbon-neutral jade roller can easily become your new purse beauty essential. After layering on a serum or face oil, use the larger end for broad surfaces like the middle of the face, and use the smaller end for more delicate areas and harder to reach places. 

Whether you choose the standard or mini size, the Mount Lai De-Puffing Jade Facial Roller can be your go-to tool for improving overall health and radiance of the skin.

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3. Best Jade Roller for Cooling the Skin: Herbivore Jade Roller

With its durable material, higher quality and ethically-mined stones, the Herbivore Jade Facial Roller can be the perfect solution to make you look less tired in the morning. For an extra cooling and refreshing effect, keep this jade roller in the freezer and use its dual sides to reach any and every spot on your face.

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4. Best Jade Roller You Can Buy from a Drugstore: Revlon Jade Roller

If you’ve ever asked ‘where can I buy a jade roller near me?’, then you might just find what you’re looking for in a drugstore. 

Aside from being available mainstream, this jade facial roller is also budget-friendly, making all those jade roller benefits all the more within your reach. Like most of the best jade rollers in this list, the Revlon Cool & De-Puff Jade Stone Facial Roller has larger and smaller ends meant for easy manoeuvring and gliding over skin, diminishing puffiness and boosting circulation for a brighter, smoothing effect.

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5. Best Jade Roller for Face and Body: Esker Beauty Allover Roller

esker beauty allover roller

Guess what — all those jade roller benefits are not exclusive for your face. With the Esker Beauty Allover Roller, your body can join in the fun as well!

For this reason, this extra-large jade roller is specially designed with a textured head, increasing stimulation while also boosting blood flow and helping to flush toxins out of your muscles.

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6. Best Jade Roller Set: EcoTools Jade Roller Duo

For an affordable price, the EcoTools Jade Roller Duo comes not only with its dual heads but also with a separate under eye tool. With its sustainable bamboo handle and jade tip, this under eye roller is the perfect instrument to gently sweep under the eye with your favorite under eye cream.

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7. Best Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set: Ethons Jade Roller & Gua Sha

Jade roller vs gua sha: which one should you choose? Well, you no longer have to feel torn. Get them both with the Ethons Jade Roller & Gua Sha set. This 2-in-1 kit allows you to get the benefits of both tools for a reasonable price. 

Because of its excellent craftsmanship, Ethons Jade Massage Roller rolls with zero noise or squeak, unlike common rollers. Furthermore, both the Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha are tested for durability, allowing you to use these tools for years to come.

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8. Best Jade Roller for Under Eyes: Skin Gym Jade Roller

When you’re specifically concerned about your under eyes (who hasn’t woken up with puffy eyes after a long night out?), then this is the jade roller for you.

Like most of the other jade facial rollers, Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller is also double-sided, allowing you to choose the smaller end to get into those harder-to-reach inner-eye corners. These facial rollers also come in amethyst and rose quartz versions. You can also get the jade roller and gua sha set if you can’t decide between a lymphatic drainage massage and a fascial release massage. 

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9. Best Jade Roller with Dual-Action: Province Apothecary Jade Facial Roller

While the dual heads of most jade rollers just vary in size, the Province Apothecary Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller has two rollers with different textures. 

Crafted from high-quality Xiuyan Jade, one side has a smooth end which helps cool and calm the skin, and the other has a studded end  which activates the deep dermis-layer of skin to boost and maintain elasticity. If you are looking for facial roller with needles, then this could be a good option since it gently exfoliates and improves product absorption. 

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10. Innerfyre Co White Jade Facial Roller

white jade roller

White jade is said to have the ability to purify the energies of your heart. With a white jade stone as its head, this facial roller can then help you mellow down your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Elegant and sturdy, this face roller comes with rose gold plating and 100% real white jade crystal.

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Take Your Pick

Whether you choose a jade roller that you can fit in your purse or use with your body, or whether you choose one that comes in a set, what’s more important is that you have the proper techniques in using these facial rollers — knowing how to use a jade roller the right way and using it regularly will ensure that you will reap its many benefits.