Types of Face Piercings

types of face piercings
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So, you want to get a face piercing but don’t know which one? Well, facial piercings are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and fashions. They’re a popular body modification that are among the most visible and unique sorts of body piercings available, duhh it’s literally on your face! And make sure to do your research and consult with a professional piercer before committing to any body piercing. 

Types of face piercings

1. Eyebrow

An eyebrow piercing is usually pierced around the outside edge of the brow, but it can also be done elsewhere on the brow. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can make a twin eyebrow piercing by combining two pieces of body jewelry. Usually, a 14-16 gauge hollow piercing needle is used to pierce the eyebrows and they take up to three months to heal.

2. Anti-Eyebrow

An anti-eyebrow piercing, also known as a teardrop or butterfly piercing, is a surface piercing that is often put just above the cheekbone, lining up with the brow’s edge. The clamp and pierce method is the traditional procedure for an anti-eyebrow piercing. The dermal punch and taper approach may be a more modern method of achieving this piercing. If you don’t follow your piercer’s advice, the anti-eyebrow area can be extremely difficult to heal effectively. When a strange metal bar tries to move in without paying rent, it irritates your cheek, which is an introvert. As a result, your body can reject the piercing. It should heal in about two months if it doesn’t.

3. Bridge

A bridge piercing is basically a metal bar that is pierced horizontally through the skin of the bridge of your nose. A hollow piercing needle is commonly used for this piercing. This piercing will typically heal within two to three months, and we know this piercing looks really cool, but it’s not for everyone. For instance, if you wear glasses, uhh you might wanna look at the other options.

4. Cheek

Cheek piercings are sometimes known as dimple piercings since they are put where dimples would show. Those who choose cheek piercings demand to be seen! Usually they are pierced on both sides of the cheek, but there’s no problem in wanting only one side.  This piercing takes two to three months to heal, so get ready to smile through the pain for some time. Some people even get cheek piercings with the intention of creating artificial dimples.

5. Third Eye

The third eye piercing, also known as forehead piercing, is pierced at the center of your forehead where your third eye would be. Your piercer will insert a vertical bar in the skin between your brows and it’s different from a bridge piercing as it’s higher up and away from the top of your nose. Also, we know that everyone has different pain tolerance, but surprisingly some people said that this piercing is not that painful; even less than some ear piercings and it will take about four to six months to heal.

6. Nose

A nose piercing can be worn in a variety of ways. You can put something modest and charming in your nostril, or even a septum hoop if you want to make a bigger statement. But the funny thing is that when you fidget with your jewelry in public, despite what you choose, someone will undoubtedly believe you’re picking your nose. Nose piercings aren’t always super painful, but because you’re dealing with an area near your sinuses, it’s normal to tear up during the process. Once it’s attached to your nose, it will take around two to three months to heal.

7. Lip

If you’re looking for piercings that are cool and perfect for your edgy flair, have a look at all the different types of lip piercings. There are so many options to customize your style, from Monroe lip piercings to labret lip piercings and they take about two to six months to heal depending on which piercing you’re getting.

Types of lip piercings:

  • Angel Bites Piercing
  • Ashley Piercing
  • Canine Bites Piercing
  • Cyber Bites Piercing
  • Dahlia Piercing
  • Dolphin Bites Piercing
  • Horizontal Lip Piercing
  • Jestrum Piercing
  • Labret Piercing
  • Madonna Piercing
  • Medusa Piercing
  • Monroe Piercing
  • Shark Bites Piercing
  • Snake Bites Piercing
  • Spider Bites Piercing
  • Vertical Labret Piercing

How Painful Are Face Piercings?

Because there are so many nerves and muscles in your face, it’s a very sensitive area. Even if the actual piercing takes only a few seconds, you might expect some discomfort. Since the needle would have to go through more skin in thicker places of the face, it may hurt more, but other areas may hurt more afterwards. A lip piercing may not be painful at the time of the piercing, but the healing process can be unpleasant unless you plan on taking a vow of silence over the next few weeks.

Professional piercers, on the other hand, are trained to avoid large veins and can help you prevent discomfort and blood. Finally, because everyone’s pain tolerance is different, try to talk to your piercer and ask for their advice. 

Not all piercings are the same. Others hurt a lot more than others, and some take a long time to heal, which can be bothersome for months.

Still have your heart set on a certain piercing but are worried about the pain? Being prepared, as well as having a piercer you can trust to assist you through the procedure, can help. This can make a significant difference. All you have to do now is choose a piercing (if you haven’t already), talk to your piercer, maybe decide on a piercing aftercare spray, get the piercing done and show it to the world!