White Tattoos On Dark Skin: What You Need To Know

two women thinking about having white tattoos on dark skin
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For quite some time now, tattoos have been a creative form of self-expression for many people. Some who already have a lot of ink on their bodies will not hesitate to get more at any given opportunity. And with so many beautiful and meaningful designs, colors, and patterns to choose from, white tattoos on dark skin are truly a standout.

Nowadays, white-colored tattoos are fast becoming a trend for the following reasons: 

  • It does not attract too much attention, unlike the black and colored tattoos.
  • It can be easily hidden using makeup.
  • They are unique and beautiful. 

That said, there are important factors you should know before getting the white ink. For most of this article, we will be considering white ink tattoos on black skin. 

You might be wondering whether white tattoos on black skin look good. Well, let’s go through some essential points before giving our conclusion.

1. White tattoos on dark skin vs. lighter skin types

You would think that the white ink contrast on the black skin would look good. I felt as much too, but sadly, it is not like that in reality.

Over time, experience has shown that white ink on black skin does not appear as expected. Unfortunately, the white ink does not seem to agree with the black skin. 

This is because a white ink tattoo can not stay white for long due to the translucent nature of white ink, particularly for those with darker skin tones. The darker your skin color, the more easily the white ink can show through. On darker skin, a white tattoo can turn a different color, such as yellow.

While white tattoos on dark skin might look nice immediately after they are done, they tend to fade off alongside the healing process (to help promote skin health, you may also want to look into the hyaluronic acid food diet). Nevertheless, white ink rarely lasts on any skin type.

2. Raised effect of white tattoos on dark skin

When white ink is used, the skin appears more elevated, giving the tattoo a 3-D effect. In addition, white ink tattoos, like white clothing or shoes, can glow when exposed to ultraviolet light. The majority of these results, however, are temporary, and images of white ink tattoos found online are often deceptive because they only show how it looks with fresh ink.

3. White tattoos on dark skin: how it looks in time

All tattoos fade with time. Surely, you can’t compare a freshly done tattoo with one that you got some five years ago. 

However, the colored and white tattoos fade faster than the black ones. This is because black is darker than every other skin tone. 

White tats always fade into the skin faster. In about 6 to 8 weeks, a white ink tattoo on dark skin would have faded into the skin. If you need a tattoo that would last for a long time, then white ink shouldn’t be your first choice.

How to Make White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin Last Longer

Gently wash the surface of the tattoo with soap and clean water on the day you get it. Apply some lotion and cream to the surface of the tattoo. Make sure you always wash off the old layer of lotion or cream before applying another to avoid bubbling of the tattoo.

By the following day, you will begin to notice scabs forming. Please do not pick them. Wash gently with water and mild soap (here’s how you can do a cosmetic ingredients check)and apply some moisturizer. 

Keep doing these till the end of the first week. 

By the second week, the scabs should have fallen off themselves. If you feel any itching or discomfort, do not scratch. Instead, apply some moisturizer and rub gently.

By the fourth week, most of the scabs, if not all, would have fallen off, and the healing process is completed.

Protect your tattoo from the sun. You can use a special SPF cream.

4. Tattoo artist for white tattoos on dark skin

It takes some level of experience and skill to do beautiful tattoos without causing an infection, keloids, or scars. 

You might then be wondering how to locate a professional tattoo artist (one that does have experience on white ink tattoo on black skin, preferably). Well, you have a few options to explore. 

First, you can search for their blogs or look them up on social media. This way, you get to see samples of their previously done jobs. You can contact them if you are okay with it. 

Also, you can get a recommendation from family or friends. They might know or have patronized such artists who have done white tattoos on dark skin and have good testimonies to share.

How Much Does It Cost To Get White Ink Tattoos On Dark Skin?

The cost of white ink tattoos on dark skin is influenced by three major factors, namely:

  • The complexity of the design – Complex tattoo designs and patterns will cost more than simple ones as they take more time, energy, and patience to do.
  • Size of the tattoo – A small tattoo will cost way lesser than a bigger one. The stress involved in the drawing is also more secondary.
  • Skill level of the artist –An upcoming artist with less experience in white tattoos on dark skin might offer a lesser price to win you over, while a famous and experienced artist will provide you with higher prices.

Conclusion: White Ink Tattoo, Dark Skin

Even though there are many caveats to getting a white ink tattoo on dark skin, the choice is still yours to make. 

Weigh your options, and find the best design that gives you that wonderful and endearing sense of identity. Make sure that you choose a design with timeless potential, as tattoos are not something you can easily erase with makeup wipes

And whether you choose black, colored, or white tattoos on dark skin, what matters is that you’re happy with your choice, and you’re taking good care of your skin.